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Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Booklet for Olivet

Why were we sent this document and why were we happy to get it? Because before our building was The Dunbar Community Center, it was the Olivet Community House. One excerpt in the booklet says…”When the Olivet property was used as a Church, the attendance there averaged less than 200 per week: the use of the property as a Community House has increased that figure to over 2,500 per week. The aggregate attendance at the Community House since March 1920 (until 1945) has been well over 3,280,000.” How great is it to learn more about the history of the building we own.

We send a special ‘Thank You’ to Mrs. Dorothy Paquette, who lived in Springfield but now resides in Florida, and who took it upon herself to send us this historical booklet. Mrs. Paquette said she spent “much of my time at the Olivet…Such wonderful memories there…”

Thank You, Mrs. Paquette!

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